New app for management and approval of invoices and orders at NTGent


The follow-up of invoices and order forms at NTGent was still entirely manual. Everything was printed out and archived in folders. A very time-consuming and inefficient way of working. With digitisation in mind, NTGent went in search of a partner who could automate this process.


ProcessDelight, as an expert in the automation of administrative processes, guided and built a solution in the form of a clear dashboard. All invoices and order forms are uploaded into a SharePoint library linked to the application which is built via PowerApps. Responsible persons are indicated and can consult all invoices or order forms in their dashboard and approve or reject them.

The processing time for approving or rejecting invoices and order forms has been greatly reduced thanks to this solution. NTGent can start up flows itself, can consult everything in one dashboard and can download info when needed.

For NTGent, the biggest achievement is the time gain and the user-friendliness for the employees. No more printing out documents and arranging them in folders!

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