Interview with Bernard Raquet from Proximus

Samenwerking Proximus Process Delight

Proximus called in Process Delight to help them build a crucial application, for the rollout of their fiber-optic network. The application was named LST which stands for Location Survey Tool. The application is used by the people on-field and helps them in the very beginning for the rollout process of the fiber-optic construction. The goal […]

6 benefits of automating manual processes

process automation

Too much work, too little time! Too many businesses these days struggle to keep up with the workload. Work piles up, backlogs begin to swell and errors become part of…

How low-code and no-code development can benefit your organisation

Many organizations do not even consider automating or creating workflows themselves because it seems to difficult. So, the solution is outsourcing these activities to experts in programming. But what if we told you that creating your own workflows is not that difficult if your can use low-code and no-code development platforms!

New app for management and approval of invoices and orders at NTGent


The follow-up of invoices and order forms at NTGent was still entirely manual. Everything was printed out and archived in folders. A very time-consuming and inefficient way of working. With digitisation in mind, NTGent went in search of a partner who could automate this process. ProcessDelight, as an expert in the automation of administrative processes, […]

8 reasons why folders in Sharepoint are a bad idea

folders in sharepoint

We firmly believe that Sharepoint is an amazing tool for document management, if it is used correctly!

Some people might disagree with our point of view, but we believe that using folders in Sharepoint is a poor practice. If you are using folders in Sharepoint you are using a very expensive…