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Work and communicate with colleagues from all over your organization with Microsoft Teams. But keep the platform under control!


So many emails to reply to, you almost didn't find the time to check out this website? Time to change that!

Don’t let an overloaded mailbox become the bottleneck for your organization. By automating reminders, notifications or other recurring mail activities you will create more space in your mailbox for things that are really important.

Closed your eyes for 5 seconds and 10 new Teams have been created? Time to keep this under control!

Keep control over your Microsoft Teams by assigning Powerusers. These users will have the power to create Teams if necessary. With your Powerusers in place, your Microsoft Teams is organized and safe!

Microsoft Teams
Microsoft Teams overview

So many Teams you are responsible for, you can't see the wood for the trees?

What you need is a Teams overview! See exactly which teams you own, who is part of your team and even take a look at all the other teams you are not part of… Maybe you should join one!

Solution_client_1, Project_client_2, Client_Solution_1.2, Solution1_Client,...

Yep… There are one billion ways to name your teams in Microsoft Teams. What if you could generate an automated name when creating a team, so every team you make has the same naming convention! Easy, organized and clear!

Microsoft Teams naming convention