Digitize your recruitment process

Ishtar.Recruit! allows you to keep an overview of all the open positions and the corresponding candidates at one glance.

Ishtar Recruit

Do you recognize these bottlenecks in the recruitment process?

CVs and cover letters processed in a manual way requires a lot of time.
There is no record of what stage of the recruitment process the candidates are in.
Not everyone in the organization works in the same manner.
The recruitment process is slow.
No overview of open positions and candidates.

Why choose Ishtar.Recruit?

  • One way of working for the whole team
  • Overview of the vacancies
  • Overview of the candidates 
  • Overview of scheduled interviews
  • Invite candidates for an interview from the app
  • Integration with Microsoft Outlook and Teams
  • Internal feedback within the application.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of vacancies
  • Unlimited number of candidates
  • Open Ishtar.Recruit! from within your Teams environment.
  • Recruitment pool GDPR-proof


An app tailored to the SME.
Only the functionalities that you really use and that save a lot of time.
The faster the recruitment process, the less likely the right candidate will sign elsewhere.

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Why should you choose Process Delight ?

Did you know that 80% of all administrative processes are the same across organisations?

Is your recruitment management process just that 20% different? No problem at all! Together with you, we will look at how the process can be aligned and adjusted where necessary.



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