New customer portal and automatic labeling for Diversi Foods

Diversi Foods faced the challenge of being able to put all the legally required information on their packaging labels in different languages.

Within the project of Diversi Foods to offer their bakery products in Europe, they wanted to provide the information on box labels in 18 languages in order to address all potential customers equally. Diversi Foods needs to provide their customers with a lot of product information at all times, but due to the lack of space on the labels, they were facing a challenge.

For Diversi Foods, it was a requirement to make this information available in an easy way in order to provide trust and digital convenience to their customers.

diversi foods

ProcessDelight, as an expert in the automation of administrative processes, guided and built a solution based on a QR code on the label.  Diversi Foods places all the data on their SharePoint Portal and from there documents are generated in 18 languages. After the documents are approved with an automated approval process, the consumer can access and download the information on an external portal in the desired language. 

The success is that the consumer has the most up-to-date information about the product at his disposal at any time, and above all: in his own language, simply by scanning the QR code.  

For Diversi Foods, the greatest success is the time saving and the user friendliness towards the consumer. 

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