We help you save time through more efficient document management

Rely on a high-performance document management platform as a seamless layer on top of your Microsoft SharePoint infrastructure

document management

Don't lose your documents on your hard drive. Keep them safe in the cloud.

Flexible workspaces are the future so your documents need to be accessible from everywhere. The cloud is your friend! Scale and grow with your organization and say bye to expensive on-premise document management!

Stop thinking of saving in the correct folder. Find your doc in a snap thanks to meta data.

Instead of looking for the correct folder to store your documents you can save everything in one library and add metadata to simplify your search!

Let AI do its thing or pre-set answers to make it easy for your coworkers.


Don't let confidential information be seen by the wrong people. Use easy permissions to secure documents.

Manage permissions and user rights based on groups instead of individually and see how easy you can maintain a manageable structure. Grant reading, writing or full permission with one click!

No idea where to start looking for a doc? Use an advanced search and you will find it in a sec!

Combine different document libraries or run a search through docs of multiple departments. With multidimensional search functionality, you will find everything!