Sharing Files with third parties

There is a real possibility that your company exchanges information with other parties.

In this case, how do you maximise the opportunities and limit the risks?

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Why an External Portal?

The most suitable method to achieve this, is the use of portals. A portal is an external website that one can browse. Thanks to a portal, organisations can keep a clear overview of to whom they share information, what information they share and what other parties can do with this information.

Companies without portals often struggle with these problems:

  • Too much authorization for small tasks
  • Over time, parties still have rights when they are no longer necessary
  • No insight into who has access to certain documents
  • Problems with version management

If this happens once, it is not a big problem. However, if it proceeds to happen for months or years, it can cause problems. In this case, it does not take long before the organisation no longer has an overview of:

  • who has access to certain documents
  • parties who have access to information that is not intended for them.
These problems are translated into mismanagement, disorder, wasted time and other things that companies want to avoid at all costs.

And more satisfied customers

Functioning of the portal

The portals that Processdelight creates are tailored to your organisation, with the aim of offering you the ideal functionality

  • An administrator will be appointed in the portal,
  • This administrator has access to all rights and files
  • This administrator can give other parties access to files.

The files that are available in the portal are uploaded via SharePoint

  • The administrator can appoint different parties (clients, employees, suppliers).
  •  The administrator can assign rights to these parties (open, download, edit).
  • However, the portal is also interactive, this means that the other parties can upload files themselves if you grant them these rights.

Thanks to the portal, you can clearly map out all the exchanges of information between your organisation and your stakeholders.



We would be happy to inspire you with ideas about the possibilities of an external portal.

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Have you been wondering how you can share documents with external parties in a safe and efficient way? Together, we will look at how this can be resolved to a suitable solution.

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How can I share files with external parties securely?

Depending on your organisation, there are different channels that can be used.

The term external entails multiple parties. It can range from suppliers, externally hired employees, and business partners to customers. Your organisation most likely has to deal with one of these stakeholders with whom you want to exchange information.

It is also important that everyone in the organisation shares information in the same manner. Your goal is that your organisation maintains an overview of which party has access to which documents. We can ensure that only approved documents are shared.

This is an important factor to maintain an overview of the activities in your company. Only the right information will end up in the hands of the desired parties.


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