How low-code and no-code development can benefit your organisation

Many organisations do not even consider automating or creating workflows themselves because it seems too difficult. So, the solution is to outsource these activities to programming experts. But what if we told you that creating your own workflows is not that difficult if you can use low-code and no-code development platforms!

See how these low-code and no-code platforms can sometimes be more useful than outsourcing projects, and maybe you’ll want to become a Citizen Developer yourself!

Speed of development

Low-code and no-code platforms speed the development and the delivery of applications. It takes less time to create applications via drag-and-drop than via coding and programming.

Quick problem-solving

Because these low-code and no-code platforms allow you to quickly and easily create new apps, the problem-solving capabilities are also put in the hands of non-It professionals. More people can contribute to solving problems.


You can create applications in-house or outsource them, but with low-code and no-code development platforms only configuration must be done. Developers no longer need to program which had a huge impact on the cost of such a project.

Change and evolve

Your organization is constantly changing and evolving, this means your automation should keep up with these changes. Being the one responsible for the automation via low-code and no-code development you can make changes yourself, while updating via programming would take a lot longer.

Less change of regression

Applications that are programmed with specific codes can easily create bugs when updating or adapting the application. With low-code and no-code platforms you do not need to program and only need to do configuration which does not result into bugs!

Enhance your digital (Microsoft) environment

You can create far-reaching automation, by combining and creating automated workflows across different applications within your digital environment.

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