We help you save time with a fast and user-friendly SharePoint environment

Ishtar.Online offers you the most intuitive user interface using SharePoint Online and Microsoft Teams as a base.

Ishtar.Online app screen

Fully integrated with
Microsoft Teams, PowerAutomate and SharePoint

Microsoft Teams

Stop the Microsoft Teams chaos! Manage and control what happens.

Governance in Microsoft Teams is key! Control who creates teams and how they are set up. Keep your Teams organised and structured with Ishtar.Online features.


Centralise your document management in SharePoint & Microsoft Teams.

You can manage documents on both platforms simultaneously without worrying about duplicates or different versions. Use Ishtar.Online libraries in Teams! This is your chance to use metadata in Teams.

Create your own workflows with PowerAutomate in Ishtar.Online.

Thanks to low-code software, anyone can create workflows! Choose responsibilities, set deadlines, use automatic notifications instead of emails and much more!

all-in-one platform

Everything you need in one platform! A one-stop shop for your coworkers.

Document management, process automation and communication are not new. But one integrated platform for all those domains is. Go even further by integrating your other business tools and find everything you need in one platform!

An organised workspace is the dream! Use a dashboard to visualize the organization.

A homepage that represents your organisation is easy to understand and brings structure to the digital workspace. Discover what’s underneath the Ishtar.Online tiles and even personalize your homepage!

Bring your corporate identity to the platform and make it your own!

Let Ishtar.Online become a part of your organization by adding the right look & feel to the platform. Build your own homepage, add your logo and create an inviting digital workspace for your coworkers!

Keep it simple or go as big as you want to! With this building kit it is up to you!

Ishtar.Online allows you to create a digital workspace that fits your needs. the platform is completely configurable! It is up to you how many steps you want to take. Start small or go all the way!

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