A Power App that allows you to report problems instantly. The app enables the recipient to have an overview of all reports at one glance and take targeted action.

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Do you recognise these problems when reporting?

Problems are not reported or are reported very late
Lack of overview of the incoming reports and their status
Not everyone in the organisation works in the same manner
Reporting problems is still done via e-mail 
The report does not reach the right person thus no further action is taken
Task Managemetn

Why choose Ishtar.Tasks?

  • One way of working for the whole team
  • View and filter tasks per department, employee, status, due date, etc.
  • Logging, communication within the application.
  • Get real-time follow-up of tasks through notifications.
  • Unlimited users, tasks, etc.
  • Open Ishtar.Tasks from Teams
  • Install Ishtar.Tasks! on your mobile phone or tablet


An app tailored for the SME.
Contains only the functionalities that you really use and that save a lot of time.
The more clearly tasks are displayed, the less likely you are to experience delays.

Maximise the use of Ishtar.Tasks and combine Ishtar.Tasks with Ishtar.Projects and Ishtar.Time.

Everything connected!


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Why choose Process Delight ?

Did you know that 80% of all administrative processes are similar in different organisations?

Is your task management process just 20% different? No problem at all! Together with you, we will examine how the process can fit for 100% by making adjustments where necessary.


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