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Use Ishtar.Teams! To manage your Teams environment. Save time and gain efficiency for both the IT manager and the user. 

Ishtar Teams

Everyone in your company has become a fan of Teams. Chaos looks over our shoulder, silently and discrete, until you notice that the chaos is there and it is already too late.

  1. Your team members will start creating Teams and Channels without structure or without guidelines.
  2. Your team members will start losing time and get frustrated, searching for documents and information in a chaotic Teams environment.
  3. IT support will lose the overview.

The tool that was supposed to make communication and collaboration efficient just turned everything into a nightmare!

Process Delight helps you to provide Digital Comfort to your team.

With our profound expertise in Document- & Data Management, Process Automation and Communication, we have helped multiple small & larger companies to get the best out of Teams.


Prevent an unprecedented clutter of Teams and Channels. Achieve this by working with an approval process.

Clear overview

Work with naming convention so that everyone can keep a clear overview.


Prevent your IT support from drowning in Teams support.


Offer your users a selection of predefined templates. Improve the optimal collaboration between your colleagues.


Users open a request from their Teams environment and can follow up on their requests.

Approval Flow

Once the application has been submitted, the approval flow starts and the team is automatically created upon approval.

And more happy clients!

Ishtar Teams
Ishtar.Teams! provides you the solution.
It will save you time and avoid frustrations by working in an efficient way.

Using Ishtar.Teams! allows you to quickly achieve order and control. The guarantee of an efficient digital organisation that is ready for the future.

Ishtar.Teams ! 
Keep your Teams under Control !

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