Our mission?

Digital comfort at the workplace for everyone!

Digital comfort means something different to everyone. It depends on your personal needs and those of your business. 

Whether it’s smooth communication between teams, flexible access to documents or the ease of processes, feeling digitally comfortable is the ultimate goal.

“Time is money! However, a lot of time is wasted on administration, problem-solving and other small inconveniences. With Process Delight, we want to offer digital comfort to everyone who needs it, , making sure employees do not lose valuable time and are able to focus on the core activities of their job.”

Digitally comfortable in three steps!

Climb the digital comfort value ladder with us and achieve the digital comfort you seek! Together we go through three essential steps and with every step, digital comfort comes a little closer. Let’s go!

Step 1

digital comfort 1

Document Management with metadata

In this age of flexible workplaces, it is important that your files are accessible everywhere.

  • Start online document management in the cloud
  • Move away from a static folder structure and use metadata to store documents 
  • Enlarge your search capabilities and access documents with ease

Step 2

digital comfort 2

Automation of boring administration

Administration is (unfortunately) inevitable and takes the focus away from the core activities of your business. 

  • Create workflows for time-consuming, repetitive  
  • Collect data and gain more insights.
  • Improve where needed
  • No more sending Excel sheets back and forth

Step 3

digital comfort 3

Efficient communication

Make sure your colleagues have all the information they need for their jobs without distracting them.

  • Internal e-mails are not the solution as they are slow, distracting and often contain irrelevant information.
  • Implement a communication tool that allows for unambiguous and fast communication

Which step do you want to focus on?

Do you see growth opportunities in any of these steps? We would be happy to sit down with you to take a closer look at your business processes and optimise them step by step. 

We ourselves have bundled these three steps into the digital platform Ishtar.Online. Do you work with SharePoint and are you curious how you can optimise this infrastructure? 

digital comfort value ladder