Project Management

A PowerApp in MS Teams that offers a clear overview and allows you to easily manage your projects

Simplicity, a clear overview of the projects according to their status at a single glance.

15 minutes to get to know the software.

Do you recognise these problems in project management?

Existing tools on the market are way too complex.
Unorganised project management causes stress to the people involved.
No clear planning regarding the project.
Management has difficulties in rapidly getting an overview of current projects and budgets.
Due to miscommunication, certain things are done inefficiently or repeated.
Low enthusiasm due to ambiguities in the project.
Loss of turnover due to inefficiencies.
Lack of centralisation because of the use of different tools.

Why choose Ishtar.Projects?

  • Ishtar.Projects! fully integrated with Teams.
  • One clear and easy to use overview for all stakeholders
  • Track the status of your projects
  • Divide your project into different milestones
  • Extensive timeline and link resources to the various projects
  • Assign tasks to your resources
  • Determine the workload or budget per project


  • gather all info in one dashboard
  • Minimise the risk of failed projects
  • Maximise the chance of achieving your KPI’s
  • Ensure the quality of your projects
  • Ensure order and structure
  • Extensive search function
  • Use your data in Power BI

An app tailored to the SME.
Contains only the functionalities that you really use and that save a lot of time.
The clearer and more streamlined your project management process is, the less chance you’ll have of failed projects.

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Why choose Process Delight ?

Did you know that 80% of all administrative processes are similar across different organisations?
What would be the effect for your organisation if we were to digitise these processes for project management?

Does your Project Management process differ for 20%?

No problem at all! Together with you, we look at how the process can be aligned for 100% by adjusting it where necessary. Less mistakes, more time and more satisfaction. Join one of our workshops and see what we can do for you.



Good agreements make good partners !

We will make a proposal so that you know in advance what budget you will have to set aside for the project..