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ProcessDelight designs customised solutions, integrates with your current applications and develops and implements these in your organisation


Define, ideate & plan how to reach full digital workspace comfort

ProcessDelight is your guide into your journey towards digital transformation, learn more about our successfull approach.

You want migrate your documents into the cloud ? For some of our clients we converted a complete fileserver to Metadata driven document structure in the cloud. This first action set base for the introduction of automated approval flows, document maintenance and Metadata driven search. It resulted in an important saving of time and more digital comfort for the users.

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Combine our apps with your existing tools to maximise efficiency

80 % of all processes are similar, the 20% difference is Why you clients choose for you ! ProcessDelight has the building blocks to build workflows that are 100% matched. As your organisation changes constantly, our way of working allows you to easily adapt so your automation follows the evolution.

Is your organization still managed by Outlook & Excel ? The approval of documents is an important process in each and every organisation. Whether it goes from contracts, to orders, or offerings, Outlook is often used to guide this process, but what about audit trail ? Shouldn’t we spend the time in our mailbox to communicate with our clients ? Some of our clients have opimized the approval process with Ishtar.Approve! They can easily configure different approval flows, based on the type of document or other parameters. Userfriendly dashboards and efficient notifications allow approvers to act fast and never forget one singel request. Timegain, better controle and efficiency are the biggest succesfactors for those clients.

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Build custom apps to address specific digitalisation challenges

We don’t just automate, we create digital comfort !

For one of our clients in the brewing industry we automated the complete process of ordering prototypes in the research and prototype brewery. Using different technologies and starting from dynamic request form in SharePoint and ending in a .Net application that manages the planning automatically. The succes factor for the team was not only a time gain but also the creatioin of awareness towards the requestor by automaticaly creation a cost estimation.

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Learn & Support the new way of working

Are you sure your organisation is getting the best out of its existing automation? And what about new tools?

The implementation of a new application is mostly an extra effort that comes on top of business-as-usual. Given the investment done, big expectations are set. For most of our clients ProcessDelight becomes part of the team as it comes to useradoption. The same people that guided the workshops during the design phase, now standby to train & support the users. Personal contact and service at the first degree assure maximum useradoption.

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