4 reasons why having a low-code partner is a must



This powerful quote from Jeff Bezos (Amazon founder) is a strong reminder that technology alone is not enough to compete effectively in our increasingly digital world. Your closest rivals are already implementing cutting-edge platforms and adopting new business processes to facilitate their digital transformation journey. The only way to stay ahead of your competitors is if your organization can conceptualize, create and implement new technologies quickly.

A low-code partner is your go-to option for quick and easy solutions. Thanks to their profound knowledge of low-code software, they can create your visions in no-time. Applications are built with a strong focus on efficiency and accessibility, allowing your IT department to manage these applications in the future, with or without the guidance of your low-code partner. On top of that, working with low-code partners is a lot cheaper than committing to full stack development projects.

It is clear that low-code is taking over the development world and is here to stay. More and more organizations are embracing it as a strategy to compete more effectively on the market. It might be time for your organization to hop on the bandwagon as well! Read on to learn more about why having a low-code partner is beneficial for your organization!

Low-Code application development will account for 65% of all application development by 2024


Business software is meant to last for decades. In practice, however, software is only modern for a few years and afterwards it is considered legacy. We strongly believe that true digital transformation starts with modernizing the heart of your organization, which is your technology landscape. Not building yet another app or portal to add to your pile of ‘solutions’ , but really addressing the core of the issue.

Low-code software is designed to build long lasting-business applications, that never go out of date. How is that possible?

The low-code software is easily customizable, which means your low-code partner can easily change or adapt your current business applications instead of redeveloping a whole new application. Basically, you can optimize your business processes the way you want them to be and redesign your existing low-code applications to fit these needs.

No more outdated platforms, no more legacy software but always up to date with the needs of your employees and your business. Modernization is key in a digital world like ours. Get rid of legacy software and, more importantly, don’t add any more but use low-code applications and gain a technological and strategic advantage over your competitors!


Low-code platforms make it easier for your IT department to collaborate with your software partner. This is possible because low-code development requires less technical knowledge and is less complex than other development processes. Therefore, it is way simpler for your IT department to give and get feedback from your low-code partner, since there is no need to discuss complex coding issues, etc.

A recent study shows that companies that have adopted low-code have an 8 % higher organizational agility score compared to those not using low-code.

And it is not only your IT department you can involve, even your non-technical team members can become part of the agile collaboration with your low-code partner. Low-code platforms include workflow visualization where the developer can easily show the business logic and explain the process visually, using non-technical language. This can shorten the decision-making timelines significantly since your low-code partner can get feedback directly from the applications requesters, instead of needing the IT department as an intermediary.

The thing is, a highly mature agile culture goes hand-in-hand with a low-code development strategy. The most effective way for organizations to gain a competitive advantage over their competitors is to maximize efficiency by working as agile as possible.


Your IT department is in direct contact with your low-code partner and can easily communicate specific changes needed to their existing applications. Consequently, your low-code partner can easily provide feedback and quickly implement changes due to the fast development speeds. Agile collaboration at its best!


You can speed up the decision-making process by including non-technical team members in the development process. Because, even without technical knowledge, a marketer or accountant can understand the progress of building a low-code application. There are two ways you can empower non-developer to participate in the application process:


As previously mentioned, you can easily
include your non-technical employees in de
feedback process of your low-code app
development, since your low-code partner
can easily visualize needs, changes and
requirements. The problem-solving capabilities of the development process are now spread across the organization. More people can contribute to solving problems so that your organization will become more agile and more competitive. Also, the ones who requested the app and will be using it are now closely involved in de development of it.


If you are talking about much more simple process automations, it is even possible for your employees to create, configure and deploy simple, customized apps without having any software development skills. This is called citizen development. With a little training, low-code software allows employees to create apps that address their specific needs. They could even update existing applications to fit changing requirements.

These citizen developers are becoming more and more popular. According to a Gartner report, 70% of organizations will have citizen development policies in place, by the end of 2021.

Employees, who normally just request new
applications, can now adopt a hands-on approach and become part of the process. By giving them anopportunity to dive into something new they will become more motivated and more creative. Not only
does this empower your employees, it also reduces the burden on IT and ensures all users can contribute better to the organization’s success


Technologies come and go. This means that the choices you make today eventually become outdated. It is too expensive to redevelop it every year as the technology becomes outdated. Still, you want to be able to make use of the possibilities offered by emerging technologies. So, how can a lowcode partner help your organization to become future proof.

Low-code development is 10x faster than traditional app development.


The only way to be one step ahead of competition is to implement new business methods quickly. Full stack development partners take ages to create the business applications you need because line-in-line coding is complex and labor intensive. While lowcode partners use software that replaces coding with drag-and-drop features, they can speed up the development process of your application. So, do not dwell on outdated software because it was expensive. Switch to low-code applications to be up to date with the needs of your organization!


Software that lasts forever only makes sense if it is also easily adaptable. The only way to keep up with your changing business methods is to have flexible applications you can adapt to these new methods in no-time. Low-code software, luckily, allows exactly that! The reason for this is that the software is realized from visual models and not from millions of lines of code. The models are easily adaptable and can recognize the interdependencies between themselves. The user interfaces and database automatically adapt themselves based on the components you add or delete from your application. Your low-code partner can see these changes in real-life and can check with the people involved whether these changes meet the requirements, or more needs to be done.



Throughout the years we have gathered deep knowledge about the Microsoft ecosystem. This includes in-depth knowledge of the Power Automate platform, provided by Microsoft, to create and configure applications via low-code software. We have helped our clients by conceptualizing, designing and creating low-code applications to fulfill their business needs. Are you eager to start your low-code journey, feel free to contact us for an introductory chat!


We love to play with our knowledge of PowerAutomate and seek the limits of this low-code platform. That is why we have built many ready-to-use applications, each meeting a specific business need. Find out if your organization might benefit from one of our applications and have a look. We are constantly adding new apps to the list!


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